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Big Bang Baby H/D Writers

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bbb_writers is a closed community for the participants in big_bang_hd, a novel length H/D story challenge. It is a place for writers to come together and talk about their stories and recieve concrit and ideas from others participating in the challenge. This is in no way officially affiliated with the challenge, but if you are participating in the challenge, feel free to join provided you follow the rules.


1. No lurkers. We don't want to discuss plots and characterizations only to find someone has taken our ideas and run with them. If you're going to be a member you have to contribute. This is for writers, not for people looking to get a sneak peek!

2. Mark clearly the ideas you're putting up here for taking and those you are putting up there for concrit! No one would want to commandeer one of your pet plot points if you weren't offering it!

3. By 2's token, no sharing plotlines/points/characterizations with people outside the community unless they are your own.

4. No flaming or ridiculing. This community is for concrit only. Joking around is of course excepted.

5. Flock or Friends-lock all posts please!